End-of Year Wind-up


On Friday 03 December 2021, the Parish organised an end-of-year social event at the Zone Ten Pin Bowling Centre in Joondalup in appreciation of our Altar Servers and Computer Operators for volunteering in our Eucharistic ministry over the past year.

Commencing at 7:00 p.m. sharp, our young volunteers were treated to an exciting and electrical evening of super fun with 2 bowling games and 20 minutes of Arcade games.  After organising themselves into their preferred teams of five, the games proceeded to plenty of cheers as the first bowling balls rolled down lanes with some even getting a lucky strike on their first shot.  Shouts of excitement increased with a fiery intensity throughout the night as the bowling games ended, and the attention shifted to arcade mode.

Parents who were present at the event did not miss the opportunity to form their own team and played a round of bowling themselves.  It should be noted that Father Mariusz while claiming he was a ‘novice’ at bowling scored multiple strikes attaining the highest score for the evening.

The evening concluded on a high note with Arcade games ranging from Mario Cart racing to a game of basketball.  As with all good things, the evening came to a close with everyone agreeing how much they enjoyed the evening.