Altar Servers

Altar Serving is a special ministry in which children assist the priest at Mass. The children who volunteer for this ministry are from our Parish. Every year Altar Server training is provided in the Parish for children from year 4 and up. These children once trained may also serve at the school Masses of Prendiville Catholic College, St Simon Peter and Francis Jordan Catholic Primary Schools as required.

Preparation in becoming an Altar Server involves attendance at training sessions and attendance at Sunday Masses as an observer. Training dates are advertised in the Parish and School Newsletters and held usually in the third Term of the school year through to September. Altar Servers are then commissioned after the training.
Once commissioned, children are rostered to serve every 3 to 4 weeks on the weekends and usually two Altar Servers are rostered on at one time.

There are a number of social nights held throughout the year (usually Friday nights) when all the Altar Servers are welcome to attend.
At present there are 31 active Altar Servers in our parish.
If you have any queries about any aspect of Altar Serving please contact the coordinator through the Parish Office.