Neither COVID, wearing of masks nor the hot weather could keep families away from attending our Christmas Eve 6pm family Mass.
Unfortunately we had some issues with our New Air-conditioners -coping with the very hot weather conditions, power fluctuations and overload of fuses! Which you will be happy to know are all resolved now and working very efficiently.
We started with our Nativity Play which was enthusiastically presented by the littler members of our Parish with the carols played between the narrative. Fr Mariusz then processed in at the beginning of Mass with a little babe in his arms (Violet) who was our little baby Jesus. She was so sweet and remained awake and lying happily all the way through the homily!
Thank you to all those who helped decorate our beautiful church, to those involved in the Nativity Play, all our volunteers involve in the many ministries and the members of our Music ministries for all your various contributions in making our Christmas celebrations very meaningful and special.