Confirmation celebrates God’s presence in our lives as the Holy Spirit comes to guide, strengthen, and empower us to witness the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
Confirmation completes and perfects our Baptism.

Confirmation for school aged children [See below for Dates]
In enrolling your child for the Sacrament of Confirmation you are offering them the opportunity to become full members of the Catholic community. On their Confirmation day they will confirm their commitment to the promises you made on their behalf at their Baptism. Confirmation is the third and final Rite of Christian Initiation and is the Sacrament in which the candidate receives the fullness of the Holy Spirit given to him or her at Baptism. 

Confirmation Name
The students will need to choose a Confirmation name which may be the one given to them at their Baptism by their parents if this was the name of a Saint or Blessed.  Or they may choose a new name for their Confirmation. If choosing a new name for Confirmation, candidates need to choose that of a Saint or a blessed (not simply a hero). It should be the name of one who has inspired them.

The sponsor brings the candidate to receive the sacrament by presenting him or her to the minister for anointing.  Later the sponsor will help them to fulfil their baptismal promises faithfully… (Rite of Confirmation #5).
Sponsors need to be spiritually suitable to take on this responsibility and have the following qualities:
a. the sponsor must have sufficient maturity to fulfil their function – a person must be not less than sixteen years of age.(Code of Canon Law 8741 #2)
b. be members of the Catholic Church and have undergone their own Christian initiation through baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.
c. freedom from any impediment of canonical law to their fulfilling the office of sponsor (Rite of Confirmation #6)
One sponsor, male or female, for any candidate is sufficient; but there may be two (Code of Canon law 873)
Parents may not be sponsors for their child, but may in exceptional circumstances present their child for Confirmation as a proxy for the baptismal godparents or absent sponsors.

Parental Role
This Sacrament must be a freely chosen commitment to God and the Catholic Church.
Having offered your child this wonderful opportunity,  you can help to prepare them well and to understand the commitment they are about to publicly undertake.
Above all, Confirmation is a Sacrament of power. The gifts of the Spirit are given to enable the candidate to take action in the world, to carry to all people the Good News. Encourage your child to prepare for their Confirmation by doing good works – within the family, at school, the neighbourhood and the wider community.

Parish Sacramental Program 2024 – DATES TO BE CONFIRMED
Parent Information Nights
Enquiry weekend – Attend any Mass on the weekend of
Enrolment Day
Commitment Cards – Need to be completed and handed to Priests at any weekend Mass
in the months of ………………(Except the Workshop weekends).
Sacrament of Confirmation
Commissioning Mass/Certificates – Attend any Mass on the weekend of ……………………….