Easter Triduum

We started our Easter Triduum with a beautiful Mass of the Lord’s last Supper with Fr George, the Superior of the Salvatorians in Australia, as the main celebrant.
In his homily he reminded us that in the Eucharist we celebrate Christ’s real presence among us as the Saviour of the world and that Eucharist must be the celebration of a loving, caring serving community. If there is no community, there is no Eucharist. Our Eucharist only becomes real after we leave the church when we can show unity, mutual respect and love for all as a real sign of a living, loving caring community.

On Good Friday, we continued our celebration with the 11am Stations of the Cross from John’s Gospel.

Fr Mariusz led us in the 3pm Good Friday The Passion of the Lord service.
At this service, Fr Francis in his Homily focussed on the Garden of Gethsemane and compared it to the garden of Eden. He said that the place where the first man Adam fell became the place where the new man Christ would rise. Near the end of John’s Gospel, Christ spoke his last words, ‘It is accomplished’. All the suffering and sacrifice came to an end, but the the story wasn’t over. He was buried in a garden, just as seed is planted, it isn’t finished.
In fact it is just the beginning.

At the Saturday Easter Vigil we welcomed into our Church, Gerhard who also received his first communion and was Confirmed by Fr Francis.

Fr Mariusz in his Easter Sunday Homily told us that “Now is the time for us to roll back the ‘stone’ and open the door to Christ in our lives. The power of Christ’s resurrection can be part of your life through the Sacraments and rituals of his church” and to ask ourselves “‘What is the most important thing in my life?’ and the answer is ‘The salvation of my soul.'”
Easter Sunday Masses saw the church doors open to many regular and new faces celebrating the Risen Christ.