Christmas 2018

All the Christmas Masses were well attended and the church was filled with many joyful voices singing carols.
The 6pm Family Mass started with a Nativity Play which involved children who attended two prior rehearsals and did a fantastic presentation on the night.
This Mass was packed to the rafters with little standing room!
Representatives of our youth showed their commitment and dedication to this special event by attending all the music rehearsals and practised singing Christmas Carols which they sang during the Mass. They were led by Patrick, Kiera and Lukas on Guitars.
Also at this Mass we had a special “Baby Jesus” – Luke who was carried in by his mum during the Entrance Procession and placed in the Manger, where he stayed quietly, even falling asleep until the Readings.

Parish Mission Statement


We, at St Simon Peter Parish, are a Catholic family
called through Baptism
to know, love and serve God and neighbour.


We strive to witness the Kingdom of God
through proclaiming the Good News of Jesus,
celebrating the Sacraments, and serving the wider community,
especially the disconnected from our Parish.