Pastoral Groups

St Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Western Australia is made up of many small, parish based groups of men and women who are members of the Society.   These groups are called conferences.   The members of these conferences are known as Vincentians and they deliver the Society's core work which is to assist people in their homes through Home Visitations.

Communion to the Sick

Visitations are made by the Priest each 1st Friday of the Month. Requests for priest visitation should be placed on list available on church foyer with name, contact phone number and address. Holy Communion could be taken to sick members of our community at any other time by Acolytes or Special Ministers.



Parish Mission Statement


We, at St Simon Peter Parish, are a Catholic family
called through Baptism
to know, love and serve God and neighbour.


We strive to witness the Kingdom of God
through proclaiming the Good News of Jesus,
celebrating the Sacraments, and serving the wider community,
especially the disconnected from our Parish.