Liturgical Groups

Liturgy Committee

The liturgy Committee meets with the Parish Priest to arrange all the Liturgical celebrations in the parish including liturgy and decoration in the church.

Extra-Ordinary Ministers

Members of the Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion are selected by the Parish Priest. They must attend an induction Session facilitated by the Centre of Liturgy and an In-house session run by the parish. Ministers are re-commissioned every two years on the Feast of Corpus Christi.

Music Ministry

We are blessed to have the service of many groups who lead us in the singing every weekend. They practise once a week to keep their skills at a high level and to choose the hymns and sung responses appropriate to the liturgical season of the Church. Anyone who feels they would like to participate in any of the groups, should speak to the choir concerned or contact the Parish Office for more details.

Childrens Liturgy

The Children’s liturgy program is an opportunity for young children ages 4 and up to grow in their faith through scripture, song, discussion and prayer. Right after the welcoming at the Sunday 10 o’clock Mass, the children are lead to the parish centre where they engage in an age appropriate discussion and prayer.  The adult leader focuses the reflections on the themes in the daily scripture readings. A special point is made to talk about why we do particular things in the Mass and to address any questions raised by the children.  Children enjoy the child friendly atmosphere all while they learn about their faith. You are most welcome to join us. Parents are welcome to remain with their children if needed.

Altar Society

The Altar Society is a group of ladies volunteering their time to look after the sanctuary in the church and items in the sacristy. Three ladies at a time are rostered for 1 month. Currently there are 12 on the roster, with 1 acting as coordinator.


St Simon Peter Parish currently has 14 active, commissioned, serving acolytes. An Acolyte is instituted for his lifetime. In the Diocese of Perth,  Acolytes commitment to serve is renewed every five years.


Proclaimers are not merely readers but ministers of the Word. His words are meant to teach, inspire and filled with meaning, love and passion. This is why those that have the privilege of proclaiming God's Word should be skillfully trained and coached to bring forth these emotions and plant the seeds of God's message into the hearts of His people.

Altar Servers

Altar Serving is a special ministry in which children assist the priest at Mass. The children who volunteer for this ministry are from our Parish. Every year Altar Server training is provided in the Parish for children from year 4 and up. These children once trained may serve also at the school Masses of Prendiville Catholic College and St Simon Peter and Francis Jordan Catholic Primary Schools as required.

Environment & Flowers

We have a small group of ladies rostered to arrange the flowers for the Sanctuary using artificial and live flowers. If you are interested in assisting in any way through donations or flower arranging, please contact the Parish Office or check the Parish Bulletin.

Computer Operators

We are fortunate to have in our Church, Power-Point presentations leading the congregation in the prayers and hymns for all our Sunday Mass Celebrations and other main Liturgies. These are displayed through out Parish laptop using ‘Easyworship’ software. We have mainly young parishioners (aged 11 years and above) who operate the computer during Mass. We welcome any interested new additions to our rosters. Training sessions will be given. Please contact Parish Office with your expression of interest.

St Simon Peter Parish Prayer

St Simon Peter Parish Prayer

Heavenly Father,
you have chosen our parish as the place by which you encounter us in our daily lives.
Here your Word is proclaimed,the Eucharist is celebrated,
and your people are united in a family of believers.
We pray for our parish named in honour of St Simon Peter and placed under his patronage.
Through his intercession may every blessing be poured out on all members of our parish.
We pray for our schools, their staff and students, and all their families.
May our parish be filled with holiness and prayer, with faith and love;
May it be a place where worthy and reverent worship is offered to God,
and where we receive grace and power for our mission.
May all who come here find a welcoming home,
comfort in their needs and strength for their journey of faith.
We make this prayer through Christ, Our Lord.