Exposition of Blessed Sacrament

In 1982, Blessed Pope John Paul II said:


"The best, the surest, and the most effective way of establishing everlasting peace on the face of the earth is through the great power of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament."

Towards the end of 2010, the parish of St. Simon Peter made the concerted commitment to increase the time we spend adoring our Blessed Lord in the Holy Eucharist, with the ultimate goal of being able to have Perpetual Adoration in our parish. Towards this end, our beautiful Adoration Chapel was built and subsequently blessed by His Grace, Archbishop Barry Hickey in June 2011.

The times currently available for Adoration are:

  • Monday          9am to 9pm
  • Tuesday          9am to 6.50pm
  • Wednesday    9am to 9pm
  • Thursday        9am to 6.50pm
  • Friday             9am to 6.50pm                          

Benediction in the Chapel is on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at 6:50pm and on Wednesdays at 9pm.

Since it is imperative that the Blessed Sacrament is never left alone, a roster has been drawn up so that at least one person per hour is present in the chapel.  A Eucharistic Adoration committee has been formed to oversee the implementation and smooth running of this ministry.  As we are all volunteers, we are very reliant on all who have committed to an hour to take responsibility for that hour.  We also ask that you encourage friends and relatives to commit to an hour since the more people we have on the roster, the easier it will be to run and we will be assured of this important devotion continuing and hopefully growing in our Parish.

All those who have experienced the serenity and tranquillity of this precious hour in the company of Jesus will recommend that you come, if only once, to experience the true meaning of this special devotion.  It may encourage you to commit an hour to Our Lord exposed on the Altar in our Chapel.  This is a wonderful way to grow in grace, because the more time we spend with Jesus the more we will become like Him.

If you are not already involved in this ministry and would like to be, please contact the Parish office.

Parish Mission Statement


We, at St Simon Peter Parish, are a Catholic family
called through Baptism
to know, love and serve God and neighbour.


We strive to witness the Kingdom of God
through proclaiming the Good News of Jesus,
celebrating the Sacraments, and serving the wider community,
especially the disconnected from our Parish.