Francis Jordan Catholic School

Our school is a family orientated, Catholic Parish community-based, centred on the person of Jesus and the teachings of the Catholic Church where children thrive. It is the intention of all involved in the school to provide an environment where the students feel loved, safe, nurtured and valued. It is a place where each student is challenged to excel. Families are encouraged to be as involved in the life of the school as they can be. The school is a more complete community when this occurs. Respect for the dignity of each person underpins all actions and relationships in the school. The school is a learning community, where students are developed into young people who think clearly, act with integrity, generosity and humility, are sensitive to the needs of others, have a desire to serve the community and adopt a global perspective. In the spirit of Fr Francis Jordan we seek to make Jesus and His teachings known to our students and our community. Finally, our school is a place where prayer and liturgical celebrations provide a central focus for a Catholic Christian community.

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Parish Mission Statement


We, at St Simon Peter Parish, are a Catholic family
called through Baptism
to know, love and serve God and neighbour.


We strive to witness the Kingdom of God
through proclaiming the Good News of Jesus,
celebrating the Sacraments, and serving the wider community,
especially the disconnected from our Parish.